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I'm DXSH Music and my passion is in music and voice acting. I have been writing and producing for over 6 years. I am a recording and performing artist who has had exposure to a wide variety of genres from many time periods, so I can appreciate and understand a range of musical perspectives from an artists point of view. I specialise in Trap, House, Drill (UK/USA), Hip Hop, RnB, Afrobeat and Grime.

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I’m here to provide top tier bars that make your music stand out from the noise! Whether thats with my own vocals or yours!

Writers block is real! It can be seriously frustrating and time consuming writing tracks. As we all know a lot of the big artists have been able to streamline the writing process so they can focus on playing the star!

Benefits - Years of experiences writing hundreds of songs for a variety of artists. Both label signed and in dependant.

Transparency - I can’t and won’t collab on any song. Some tracks just aren’t for me (which doesn’t mean they aren’t good). So If I’ve agreed to a feature its because you’ve brought a track I can really see myself going hard on!

Our artist image is important and I will only provide you with the best possible service. Please contact me before placing an order so we can briefly discuss the project and see if it is a fit for us both!

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